“Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. 
Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.” 
~ Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


Quantum Soul Guidance Session

Have you ever been told “you are an old soul”? Ever felt the connections to something bigger out there in the stars?

The galactic astrology chart is similar to a regular natal birth chart however it is amplified to the far reaches to the universe, beyond our galaxy.

There are important fixed stars in the universe that  hold ancient information and life forces we are connected to.

The GA chart connects your birth on Earth to alignments in our galaxy and beyond. We simply need the date, time and location of your birth.

Some examples of what we cover in a reading are: 

* Ancestral themes that impact current life

* How and what to focus on in life to reach your full potential

* Where your soul plans to go after this life

* Soul Origin (Angelic, blueprinter, ET, Earth)

* Soul Essence Color and it’s meaning

* How aligned are you to your soul’s frequency

* Soul Connections to the outer Star Systems

* Spirit guide teams and how to work with them; including deceased family connections

* Connections to ET Organizations (Galactic federation of worlds, Council of Five, Ashtar command and more)

* Validate possible ET abduction experiences and the star systems involved

* Determine psychic gifts and abilities and from the what star systems (royal stars, nebulas, galactic centers)

Session types/costs vary by client but we do offer something for everyone, even if it’s a complimentary chart for you to review on your own. 

Please email us for more info and we’ll be in touch very soon. 


Galactic Tarot Card Session

Maybe you heard the term StarSeed lately? This session offers deep insights and messages dedicated to YOU personally. 

Although we cannot predict the future, we are able to give you plenty of information to help guide you forward. 

30 Minute, 60 minute and 90 minute readings available via Live Video streaming. 

Please email us for more information or to reserve a spot. 



Energy work can benefit clients  for a lifetime because energy is always evolving and moving, similar to how our lives are always in motion.

Chakra balance is so important to overall health and we’ll help you identify and clear any blockages in your energy centers. 

Please email us for more info or to reserve a spot. 

essential oils & Crystal assessment and report

Health and nutrition are vital to the ascension process. Removing toxins from our home, work and personal spaces is easy with the use of organic, essential oils. 

From your medicine cabinet to your cleaning cabinet to your beauty cabinet, we can help you transform your life and your health. From herbs, to flowers, to woods, and more, we offer it all for your overall well-being solution.

Please email us to be updated as more information becomes available via our website and socials. Consultations available upon request. 

numerology Destined Path reports

Numerology helps you discover the hidden truths about who you are. Numbers are meaningful to your journey here on earth. 

We will guide you and provide you information regarding your ruling number, your own unique arrows of individuality, yearly numbers and meanings, and so much more. Each report is unique!

Please email us for more info or to reserve a spot! 

Trauma and mental health support

If you are feeling alone, anxious, sad, scared or anything heavy and hurtful, and feel you are in need of a supportive and loving ear, please email us so we can be in touch as soon as possible. We hope to soon have a phone number for you to call. You are not alone. Together, we rise.