Soul Guidance

“Your voice is POWERFUL…..deeply healing and my soul was transformed. 

You delved deep and found my TRUTH. My galactic soul’s place of origin. 

I will forever be grateful to you. 


~ Jennifer, Washington State, USA, 2023

What are you looking for?

"How is my bio-energetic field impacting my every day life?"

"I know I'm incarnated on Earth for a reason, a greater purpose. I'm curious which stars, planets and galactic points dominate my soul blueprint and see my evolutionary path in the charts. How I can work with the Universe to expand my consciousness and help more by serving others?"

"I feel ready to ACTIVATE and AWAKEN dormant energies within myself and shift to my best and highest TIMELINE on Earth at this time. I know there's work to be done AND I'm COMMITTED to taking better care of myself now".

What PEople are saying

"Your voice is POWERFUL…..deeply healing and my soul was transformed. You delved deep and found my TRUTH. My galactic soul’s place of origin. Your reading enabled me to step into my power with grace and confidence. I feel a deep unwavering peace and a much greater capacity to love than ever before. I will forever be grateful to you. YOU ARE A MASTER HEALER Thank You Lisa" 5 Star Review Soul Guidance and Dragon Reading" - 2023
"The depths that you'll go to during a reading is beyond measure! You're so compassionate, I was able to feel safe and at-home with you immediately, like family. You're incredibly in-tune with the supernatural world around us, and your divination is so powerful. You're going to help this world heal, one new friend at a time"! - 2023
"Working with Lisa was a heart-opening experience. I learned so much more than I ever could have imagined! Her ability to deliver an in-depth detailed reading with nurturing guidance allowed me to understand the information I was receiving with great ease. This experience has changed the way I see myself and my purpose in life. I am sincerely grateful to have had the opportunity to do a Galactic Astrology and Soul Guidance reading with Lisa and look forward to working with her in the future again". - March and December 2023
"I had a Galactic Reading with Lisa and it was truly eye-opening and inspiring at the same time. Lisa is precise, kind, thoughtful, professional, and honestly brilliant. I felt connected to her and how she took care of my Galactic footprint which made me feel safe and secure in this spiritual journey with her. I would tell anyone to do this reading with her and allow her to guide you through your past lives and Galactic Astrology as your energy soars and grows in her hands! Thank you, again Lisa for all that you do for the collective and how you share your information and gifts with us all". -2023
"I met Lisa through a mutual friend. I had no idea what to expect but will be forever grateful to have engaged with her. Lisa has read my Galactic Astrology chart, drawn channeled tarot cards and guided me in so many ways. She is a ray of light and I can guarantee if you work with Lisa you will become enlightened as much as I was". - 2023
"I totally recommend receiving a reading from Lisa. It was very interesting to see how much galactic information can be calculated from one’s birth chart, far beyond an astrological reading. She has an inspiring way of aligning and explaining your soul’s journey from the point-of-origin to this universe and to this planet. Incredible insight and information to better understand yourself and your soul’s journey". - 2023

Commonly Asked Questions:

There are a couple of ways to Book a Service:

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Email: if you would like to confirm a date & time before ordering online. 

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The services are NOT a replacement for ANY Medical and/or mental health care.

If you are in need of Help with Domestic Violence, Domestic abuse or Sexual abuse, please send a private email to: and let us know the best way to communicate with you (What’sApp is best for Non-USA guests). If you are in danger, please contact your local emergency services ASAP. 

All consultations, reports, readings and coaching sessions are strictly confidential, Guaranteed, 100% of the time.