Galactic Astrology Soul Guidance Sessions

This confidential galactic astrology and akashic records session looks at your main galactic fixed star connections, your soul’s origin, your destined life path, lessons you’ve master in the past, gifts you came here with, plus so much more! This session is meant to awaken and ascend you to your best and highest timeline for your life on Earth. With Mother Earth supporting the healing path of those who seek it, this is an accelerated time to do supported inner work on yourself so you can be your best self and even help others who can benefit from your experience and wisdom.


Client Testimonials

"I had a Galactic Reading with Lisa and it was truly eye-opening and inspiring at the same time. Lisa is precise, kind, thoughtful, professional, and honestly brilliant. I felt connected to her and how she took care of my Galactic footprint which made me feel safe and secure in this spiritual journey with her. I would tell anyone to do this reading with her and allow her to guide you through your past lives and Galactic Astrology as your energy soars and grows in her hands! Thank you, again Lisa for all that you do for the collective and how you share your information and gifts with us all".
"I met Lisa Brady through a mutual friend. I had no idea what to expect but will be forever grateful to have engaged with her. Lisa has read my Galactic Astrology chart, drawn channeled tarot cards and guided me in so many ways. She is a ray of light and I can guarantee if you work with Lisa you will become enlightened as much as I was".
5 Star Review Quantum Soul Guidance Session and Dragon Reading "Your voice is POWERFUL…..deeply healing and my soul was transformed. You delved deep and found my TRUTH. My galactic soul’s place of origin. Your reading enabled me to step into my power with grace and confidence. I feel a deep unwavering peace and a much greater capacity to love than ever before. I will forever be grateful to you. YOU ARE A MASTER HEALER Thank You Lisa"
"I totally recommend receiving a reading from Lisa. It was very interesting to see how much galactic information can be calculated from one’s birth chart, far beyond an astrological reading. She has an inspiring way of aligning and explaining your soul’s journey from the point-of-origin to this universe and to this planet. Incredible insight and information to better understand yourself and your soul’s journey".
"Working with Lisa Brady was a heart-opening experience. I learned so much more than I ever could have imagined! Her ability to deliver an in-depth detailed reading with nurturing guidance allowed me to understand the information I was receiving with great ease. This experience has changed the way I see myself and my purpose in life. I am sincerely grateful to have had the opportunity to do a Galactic Astrology and Soul Guidance reading with Lisa and look forward to working with her in the future again".
"I found it so inspiring to connect to Lisa Brady. I was unsure of my birth time and felt really frustrated in the blockage that was causing me to unravel my birth chart! I feel so grateful for her help with rectifying my birth chart. It gave me new hope as so many more things in my chart just suddenly resonated with me. Lisa has such a loving and compassionate approach. She made me feel so at ease in her presence. I could feel the healing on a deeper level just chatting with her. She guides you to see with different eyes. In the session with her she helped me to uncover some of my hidden qualities that I wasn't aware I even had! And most of all she made me realize that I'm not alone. Thank you for the amazing reading of digging into my Galactic roots. I cannot recommend you enough".
First of all I feel lucky to have connected with you early on your journey! I know you would go above and beyond always but I feel you went the extra mile for me and I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate that! I am curious and always have so many questions, sometimes even weeks/months later after I've had time to process everything and I have had so many readings over the years and usually access is completely denied after the initial appointment. So the fact that you would check in and also send me updates as you went was an amazing experience! I think even providing this service in bite size increments would be so beneficial for newbies as it does take some time to process/integrate especially if it's your first time hearing this information and insight about yourself! Also all the extras you sent me along the way have been so helpful in this journey as well! And your suggestion of salt cleansing daily has really been so life changing for me. I didn't realize how much gunk I was absorbing from others!
"Having Lisa do my galactic reading was one of the most profound experiences of my life. Not only did the detailed reading resonate so much with me, even after the fact my eyes have been opened to so much and continue to on a literal daily basis. Amazingly, Lisa was also able to channel my father who has passed. She brought forth a message only my dad and I would know. Funnily, I had told my husband about this EXACT phrase in complete private only days prior. Hearing her say that was almost an out of body experience. Knowing he’s here and she could contact him so clearly was absolutely incredible. I have been learning a lot about my galactic chart since Lisa did my reading. I have been researching many of my sections, most notably an animal totem which has been mind blowing. I have done past life regressions before, and she was able to connect the ones I vividly remember before I told her any information whatsoever. I have always held Lisa in a very high regard with her immense talents, and now I have an even greater appreciation for the art and incredible work that goes into the makings and explanations of these charts. Lisa does a fantastic job of putting a lot of terminology and explanations in layman’s terms which made it simple for me to understand and process. I was easily able to understand and see the gravity of her charts and work through her presentation and words. I look forward to another reading with her soon! Thank you Lisa for giving me all of this incredible information and for bringing a message from my late father. It means more than you’ll ever know! You have an incredible gift, immense intelligence, and a wonderful way of making people feel seen and heard while connecting dots for them they otherwise would know nothing about! This has been life changing in the absolute best ways possible. One million times thank you".

Questions & popular topics

Where did my soul come from?

Which are my main spirit guides?

What is my destined life path in this life?

What are my psychic gifts and abilities?

Where am I going after this life?

What are my soul colors and their meanings?

What is my soul frequency? 

How many times have I incarnated on Earth?H

Are there dark karma in my family lineage? 

Ancestral healing.

Womb healing.

Star gates and portals.

Galactic wars and trauma.

ET abductions.

Dark entity attachments. 

Dreams and nightmares.

Protecting your free will and home.

Fate / Universal Laws / Destiny.


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