Galactic Soul Origin Reports


This transformative session includes a confidential 90-minute meeting on Zoom, PLUS an invaluable 3-5 hours of chart analysis and Akashic Records work before your consultation.

Copies of your extended Evolutionary Astrology Birth Charts are included for your download and reference.

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This transformative, cosmic session offers personal growth and transformation by looking at your cosmic soul origin, soul journey, past lives on Earth, extra-terrestrial involvement, parallel lives, ancestral guides, spirit guides, current transits and more. 

Includes a downloadable astrology birth chart, a 90 minute video (recorded live) and hours and hours (typically) of research and analysis of your charts by an experienced, trauma-informed coach who will create a personal reading just for you.

Highlight your personal, primary alignments to the fixed stars, constellations, planets, asteroids, galactic points and more. It also includes your destined life path as written in the stars. 

Enjoy hand-picked resources just for you, including links, pdf’s, videos and more! It’s all for your soul’s best and highest good and to guide you more clearly on your evolutionary path.

This is a comprehensive, professional review of your natal birth chart and it will empower you to take the next steps in your journey.

Activate and awaken dormant energies within you and shift to your best and highest timeline on Earth at this time.

Analysis of the direct alignments of prominent fixed stars to your natal Sun, Moon, Rising, Midheaven, North Node, Point of Fortune and Vertex. 

Discover your strongest star seed connections, your soul color and meaning and your most supportive house and planetary placements. 

It includes outer planets and inner planet alignments as well, along with any applicable asteroids (goddesses). 

We will discuss these personal details as they pertain to the zodiac signs and houses of your birth chart. 

Includes Soul Origin, connections to any angelic, ancient and extra-terrestrial realms your soul has been associated with. Tap into your bio-energetic field, past lives, future potential, current energy blocks and more. 

Plus, you will receive information regarding any blockages, soul contracts, extra-terrestrial connections (in this lifetime), and detailed tips and tricks on how to work with the points in your report. 

Embrace your cosmic soul history, your primary soul and spirit guides, how long you’ve been connected to Earth, the themes of your past lives, and the main mission you are on in this lifetime. 

Clarify all of your alignments to the planets in our Solar System to help you identify where you may have had past incarnations in the Galactic and/or on Earth.

Includes a 30-day follow-up session (15 mins via email or phone or zoom).

Email with:

  1. your exact time of birth (am/pm),
  2. date of birth
  3. city of birth
  4. any major time-zone relocations you’ve made
  5. the best way to contact you for scheduling



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