Intuitive Guidance with Your Cosmic Star Alignments


This transformative session includes a confidential 90-minute session on Zoom, plus 3-5 hours of chart analysis and Akashic Records work before your session. A copy of your extended Cosmic Astrology Birth Chart is included for your download and reference.


Explore your angelic connections, elemental connections, dragon connections, animal connections, soul colors, ancestral connections, spirit guide connections, past lives on Earth, past lives in the galactic, karmic connections and contracts, destined life path, mission/purpose in this lifetime AND SO MUCH MORE

Email with:

  1. your exact time of birth (am/pm),
  2. date of birth
  3. city of birth
  4. any major time-zone relocations you’ve made
  5. the best way to contact you for scheduling

This is a lot of information and may take some time to process and integrate but all the tools you need to have this be in a successful investment in yourself are included.


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