Top Cosmic Alignments & Soul Gifts


Discover your main fixed-start and galactic connections and your top intuitive gifts with this intuitive report and 15-minute zoom call.



With this special offer created for spiritual partners, you will receive your main fixed-star and galactic points alignments. The main alignments are considered to be with your Sun, Moon, Rising, Midheaven and Nodal Axis. Any other relevant alignments to outer planets and/or asteroids will be included when possible.

Includes a 15 minute zoom/phone call to activate and help integrate the report.

Also includes a downloadable 2-5 page natal chart report!

Also includes sound clearing, sacred smoke clearing, divine protective prayers, crystal energy, essential oils work and more!

For $66 this is a start deal created for people who are interested in doing the inner work to be the best versions of themselves possible. If you are pleased with this report, additional services are available to help you continue on your path of tracing your soul origin, gifts, past lives, special gifts, life’s path and more.

You may email INFO@LISABRADY.ORG to order if you prefer we call you for your birth info and payment info.


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