Moon Phases Reference Guide


Learn the eight phases to the moon with me. Download your complimentary guide today!


There are eight phases to the moon. Learn what they mean and how you can work with each phase. This Moon Phase Reference Guide was created to help you work with the waning and waxing of the moon.

FUN FACTS:  The Moon impacts our oceans and tides. Did you ever notice how on some nights the moon is not visible and other nights you can see it? And how some nights the moon is so bright you can see your shadow? But, other nights it’s pitch dark?! So cool. 

The 28-day moon cycle is linked to the 28-day menstrual cycle of the female human beings. Females, have you ever noticed your menstrual cycle syncing with the moon cycle? If not, it may be interesting to see how your cycle flows with the moon. 

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