Top Star Alignments & Spiritual Gifts


Discover or confirm your main Universal connections and top spiritual gifts with this intuitive report and 60-minute Zoom call. Includes your top cosmic alignments to the Galactic Center, Great Attractor, Super Galactic Center, Shapley Attractor and to the 4-Royal Stars of Persia, plus your most dominant fixed stars in the constellations of our galaxy. Are you ready?! Let’s do this.



This special, discounted-offer was created while recording a collaboration podcast video with another astrologer. You’ll receive your main fixed-star and galactic points alignments presented over zoom. Yay!

The 15-minute zoom wasn’t working out because the average call for this promo was way longer than that. So it’s now a 60-minute reading for $66, plus the report, so this is truly a great-value. Thank Big E Astrology for having me on his Knowledge is Love Podcast where this offer was created 🙂

For the reading, the main alignments are generally considered to be:  Sun, Moon, Rising (ASC), Midheaven (MC) and Nodal Axis (NN/SN). Any other relevant alignments to outer planets and/or asteroids will be included as well (For example, Pluto, Mars, Saturn, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Neptune, Uranus).

Includes a 15, EDIT 60-minute zoom/phone call to activate and help integrate the communications. After you will receive a downloadable report.

For $66 this is a start deal created for people who are interested in doing the inner work to be the best versions of themselves possible.

If you are pleased with this meeting, then follow-up sessions are available to support you the your path. Chakra work, twin flames, synastry, family lineage reports, creative and spiritual gifts, past lives, ancestors, starseed families, future and past timelines and more.

Purchase here online or email INFO@LISABRADY.ORG to order.


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