This is where the Dark Feminine Goddess energy likes to play. Sssshhhh. Sometimes she’s in the closet. What do you know about her? Fellers, this includes you, too. 

My Love and Sex story is SO complicated. We could start with today’s key themes. Head trauma. GPS Monitoring for offenders. International Business. Locals. Earth. Neptune. Ceres. Pluto. Clair-hearing. Fucking public school. Vomit. Literal vomit. 8th sphere, know about that? Heart break. Root chakra work. Packing. Reform. Black Sun. Black Moon. Galactic Center. Super Galactic Center. Soul Contracts. Energy cords. Blood suckers. All the things you aren’t ready for. Check back on this topic in 6-9 months. Scorpio Sun, Scorpio Moon. Heart-fucking-ache. Military. North Node Focus. Checking bitchs.

Black Sun. Black Moon. Goddesses.

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