The Bat | Initiation & Transition

“What you know about rolling down in the deep?” – Adele 

Many of you may already know how bats are often associated with CAVES, so I find it interesting how I am also intrigued by (and very afraid of) caves. Not because of the bat populations who reside in these holes in the ground, but because I am sure I’ve spent several past lives living in several types of caves! Yikes! 

From Tibet to Ireland to Scotland to Spain, and likely more places on Earth, I have lived spent my lives in dark caves. No wonder I CRAVE to bask in the Sun (even though my cave dweller DNA doesn’t have any melanin and I burn like a lobster boils, RED.

Do you like caves? I cringe when envisioning myself descending into a cave but I’m slowly starting to work thru my fears and hope to one day visit a few of the marvelous cave sites on Earth. Check out this timeless video on the Bat and how to tell if an animal “crosses your path”. 

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Much love,

L. Brady 

~One Love~

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